Ortograffiti z Bratkiem 3 zeszyt ćw. 2 OPERON



Flashlight develops communicative competence and builds a core of essential vocabulary while ensuring that students understand the rules of English grammar. It caters for a range of teaching situations and addresses the demands of mixed ability classes.Key featuresA Vocabulary presentation opens each unit to draw students into the topic and build vocabulary.Real English expressions, introduced through a photostory and Everyday English dialogues, make language relevant.Regular recycling includes cumulative revision of all preceding units enabling the teacher to monitor the progress of all their students.International Focus on the World sections facilitate cultural comparison and cross-curricular discussion.Authentic songs sections, each with a full page of activities, provide extra extensive listening in a fun way for students.Worksheets and optional activities in the Teachers Book provide extra help for students who need either additional support or extra challenge.

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