The Long Drop



Speak Now 3 SB with Online PracticeJack C Richards & David BohlkePodręcznik Speak Now 3 do trzeciej części – kurs konwersacji wjęzyku angielskim dla studentów.Podręcznik z możliwością ćwiczenia online.The Speak Now Student Book develops students communication skills, enabling themto communicate confidently and effectively.Speak Now features fully integrated video every four lessons, with charactersmodeling real-world language. The English in Action video clips help studentsto develop their listening and pronunciation skills, understand the importanceof gestures and body language, and discuss culture and idioms.Set Online Practice activities as homework to practice the work you cover in class.Online Practice gives your students the opportunity to improve their listening,speaking, and pronunciation skills outside class. Take advantage of the interactiveteacher tools to track your students progress, see their grades, communicatewith them and more.Speak and record practice means students can practice their pronunciation awayfrom the classroom. Students submit their speaking tasks. You can then mark themand give personalized feedback, which can be written or spoken.The Online Gradebook keeps you right up to date with students learning, makingit easy to track and report on progress, and letting you quickly identify strengthsand weaknesses.The tracking tool gives you information on the activities your students accessand lets you track their progress. Stay in touch with your students using themessage and email features.Tools such as automatic marking, instant access to all the Student Book videoand audio, worksheets and test answer keys enhance your students experience andencourage independent learning.Integrated and downloadable tests including unit quizzes, midterms and finalsmake it easy for you to review your students progress throughout the course.The Speak Now Online Practice access code can be found on the inside back coverof the Student Book.4 poziomy

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